Vermont American 25250 Krome King Steel 7-1/4" Chisel Tooth x 20 Teeth Saw Blade

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Krome King™ Series Steel Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Wood
Krome King® circular saw blades are manufactured from premium alloy steel that is heat treated and tempered for long life and durability. Teeth are precision sharpened to produce fast, smooth cuts. All blades can be resharpened.
Crosscut blades provide a smooth finish when cutting across the grain in all types of wood up to 1-1/4″ thick
Master combination blades are ideal for smooth crosscuts, rips and miters in all types of wood
Rip blades are designed for fast ripping and crosscutting in all wood types and are ideal for house framing
Rip / crosscut blades are ideal for smooth crosscuts, rips and miters in all wood types and is the most popular blade style for all-purpose cutting
Thin rim plywood blades produce smooth, clean cuts in plywood, paneling and veneer up to 3/4″ thick. Also ideal for cutting Celotex® and plastics and practically eliminates splintering and the need for sanding
Item # 25250   
Blade Diameter 7-1/4"
Number of Teeth 20
Arbor 5/8"
Kerf  0.103"
Plate Thickness .057"
Application Rip
Description Rip Blade
Max. RPM 7,900 
Tool Type Portable / worm drive

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