Cripe Distributing is a family owned and operated company that started in Lakeside, California. Ron’s passion is to always find the best prices on everything whether it be for home or work. Trying to keep our prices low in our cabinet shop Ron started looking for deals on the consumable items. He was able to find some deals on saw blades and router bits and started buying up what he could. But he didn’t stop there. Before we knew it he had our cabinet shop full along with many storage units in the neighborhood. We would sell the excess inventory to the local businesses and spent many weekends at our local swap meet. But we needed a bigger audience because Ron was on a mission to find great deals and pass them on to as many people as he could. So in 2000 we started listing our items on eBay and a few years later we had our first website. By 2004 we were busting at the seams. We needed to find a larger warehouse but knew finding one in California was just not economical. So Ron finally won his battle in trying to convince Debbie to move out of California. Debbie mentioned she had a sister in Idaho so Ron jumped on his computer to see the cost of homes and the availability of warehouses and it looked pretty good. So in September 2004 he sent Debbie off on a solo trip to Boise to see what she could find. She returned the next day and let Ron know that they now owned a home in Nampa Idaho and had a group of warehouses just behind the Boise airport. (A 17 mile commute) In December 2004 we packed up the Cabinet Shop and all of those storage units and moved into our beautiful home and what we thought was a huge warehouse. 

Fast forward 10 years and those 4 warehouses behind the Boise Airport are stuffed to the gill and we have added 6 more warehouses around town along with one in Tennessee and 25 Cargo Containers. We have lots of inventory to offer and have new shipments coming in on a regular basis. We ship out approximately 10,000 retail orders each month and do our best to have them shipped within 1 business day. (We do have occasional slip ups though) 

Our goal is to offer name brand tools and more at about half of the price of the major hardware stores. We strive to offer exceptional customer service so if ever you feel you are not getting this service. Please do not hesitate to call us.

Thank you to those customers that have continued to stand by us thru our website hic ups.