Ideal KB-0335 1/2" x 6" Spade Drill Bits (3 Bits)

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Product description

The Ideal 36-413 is a replacement spade bit. This is the most innovative and fastest spade bit ever, it has some unique features that sets it apart from other models. It has a full cone threaded tip for fast and effortless drilling, a contoured paddle providing fast chip removal, unique spur and reamer design also cuts cleaner entry and exit holes with significantly reduced breakout splintering. These changes allows the model to require up to 50 PCT less force to achieve faster cuts. In 1916, J. Walter Becker started the Ideal Commutated Dresser Company of Chicago from his mother's kitchen. He manufactured Commutated dresser stones with the belief that every product should be worth more than the price paid for it. Service, he said, was part of the product. That idea has been the core IDEAL business principle for over 90 years. Today, the many loyal distributors and customers that make IDEAL successful are a testament to Becker's original philosophy.


Product features

  • Replacement Spade Bit
  • Reduces The Effort Needed By Up To 50% For Even Faster Cuts
  • One Of A Kind Spur And Reamer Design For Cleaner Cuts And Less Breakout Splintering
  • Contoured Paddle Grants Easy And Fast Chip Removal


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